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Last chance to get $125 for a new HTC EVO

Money-image Tomorrow, 7/23, is the last day that Sprint is offering a credit of $125 for porting a number over from another carrier. This means if you have been lurking on this website for a while and have been on the fence about making the jump to Sprint and the HTC EVO 3D, you need to act fast. With this deal, the phone can be had for a mere $74.99 after this credit is applied.

This also means that, in case you have a spare phone number laying around, you can snag the HTC EVO View 4G tablet, also for a mere $74.99, which is a savings of $325 off the normal two-year contract price.

For this deal on the View, you will have to purchase the tablet through Sprint's private EPRP online store, which is quite easy to gain access to if you do some sleuth work on Google. Additionally, if you are already a Sprint customer on a non-EPRP plan, you will have to create a brand new account.

Lastly, in case you'd like to opt for last year's hottest phone, you can actually come ahead $25.01 if you choose the original HTC EVO 4G.

Just keep in mind that this credit is not instantaneous and will be applied as a statement credit after approximately 60 days. It's still an awesome deal, though, so be sure to get in on it before time runs out.

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6 thoughts on “Last chance to get $125 for a new HTC EVO

  • i am about to go to a sprint store and pickup a new htc evo “4g” as a warranty repalcemtn that was alrady approved, i simple had to wait fo it to come in.

    well i want to know if there is anyway to get a good deal on the htc evo 3d?

  • I got my EVO 3D for $179 at Amazon and sold my old EVO 4G on Ebay for $200. Essentially got paid $20 to upgrade.

  • The port in credit is actually being pushed back to end October 1st.

  • Correct…Im a rep at a Sprint store and it is being exteneded until October 1st.

  • That was well done it helps in makeing that 4g to 3d dession, I bought my 4g last year for the video to video chat, are their any improvements with the video chat apps.or is the new 3d still have a latency problems with the stream .when I got the evo I didn’t really know it was going to be so awsome. I heard the have quad core devices comeing soon in the form of the super phones ,if the latency is resolved wit the evo 3d kool , what is the fix to this pesky problem…


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