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Looking for HTC EVO 3D kickstand replacements

This guest article was written by Darth Obama.

Evo-3d-stand-do (2) I used my HTC EVO 4G as a bedside LED alarm clock every night, so the kickstand was pretty useful to me. Therefore, like many others, I was really disappointed to find out that the EVO 3D didn't have a kickstand.

After seeing the HTC kickstand case and the third-party cases that have built-in stands, I realized those weren't going to work for me either. I wanted something that would allow me to prop up my EVO at night and charge at the same time. I also wanted to be able to quickly pick it up, return a text or Google something, and just set it back down, all while still charging.

So I started searching the vast interwebs looking for a replacement. Everything I found was not quite what I needed. The official EVO 3D dock is $50 and would be awkward to really use while docked. The new cases are around $30 and won't let you charge and use the kickstand at the same time.

I went to the local hobby shop looking to MacGyver something up. I finally realized it would be easier and cheaper to just re-task an existing product.

Evo-3d-stand-do (1)

First I found a mini easel that holds framed pictures for $1.99. It worked okay but I ultimately decided on a $3.99 business card holder from an office supply store. They had about seven different models, so most people should easily be able to find one that fit their tastes.

I hereby challenge the clever readers of G&E to invent a kickstand replacement of their own.

The new stand should be displayable and roughly meet the requirements above. Points are awarded for inventiveness, total cost, and ease of either building or finding/re-tasking. So go create something, snap a picture of it holding your new EVO 3D, upload the pic to your favorite photo-sharing service, and tell us all about it in the comments.

Jenn will put all the submissions together in a post next week and we'll all vote on the winner.

This guest article was written by Darth Obama.

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