Microsoft shows off prototype Windows 8 tablet

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At Microsoft’s recent event, the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Steve Ballmer highlighted a lot of what’s going on with the Windows platform. Windows 8 in tablet form is of course a hot topic, and Microsoft being generous had some units available for a quick demo. If you’ve seen Windows Phone 7, then you can see where a lot of the metro feel is working throughout the platform. Of course the design is where the similarities end between the mobile platform and the upcomig tablet/desktop OS. Microsoft made sure to stress that the Windows 8 tablets will not be as limited as the current generation of tablets are. They are being developed to give users the same functions and utility as a full PC would deliver.

The more and more Microsoft lets us see behind the doors to Windows 8, the more exciting the platform is starting to look. Most of us have had our doubts about Microsoft contending in the new flat world, but if anyone can do it, they sure can. The design looks spot on at this point. The Metro UI is tops in my eyes. As long as they can bring maximum utility with an efficient system, and thin form factor, they can definitely jump into the game late. Until then, enjoy the demos and teasers.

update: The images above isn’t actually Windows 8, rather “a Windows 7 slate running an HTML5 app in Windows Azure. It’s designed to use the Metro interface, but it’s not actually Microsoft’s next big OS.” Basically, this gives you another glimpse at how Windows 8 should look, but fully functional this isn’t.


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