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Mighty Grocery syncs shopping lists on your HTC EVO

MightyGrocery2Trying to shop for multiple people is now much easier thanks to Mighty Grocery for the HTC EVO and other Android devices.

In the past, carrying a paper list that everyone in the household had written their requests on was the norm. Really what that meant was people forgetting to add to the list and then once you got to the store, you'd get the inevitable text message or phone call about items that were wanted. My wife and I would always end up arguing about how I forgot to write something on the list or how I, being the mid-week shopper, would not get a text message indicating her desired items. Now with Mighty Grocery, we are able to have an actively synced list between our phones that is up to date and not missing anything.

Coming in at $3.05 on the Android Market and a nickle cheaper on the Amazon Appstore, this has been a life saver in terms of making sure the right things are getting purchased as well as making sure everyone is in the loop on shopping habits.

Once installed on multiple phones, you can sync lists to the cloud, which then go to each phone under the account. While in the app itself, lists can auto refresh every ten seconds so even while you're wandering the aisles looking for Nutella and kosher pickles, someone can still add cremini mushrooms to your list. 

Since our household adopted Mighty Grocery, we have stopped with all forms of paper lists and now use this exclusively to do our shopping. Items are no longer being forgotten and if something is added at the last minute, they still get purchased. 

Features include bar code scanning, configurable tabs to track stores as well as categories, screen and rotation lock so that you can have your phone in hand while shopping, price and quantity calculators, aisle customization, and voice recognition.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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