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More ways to protect the HTC EVO 3D camera lens

HTC EVO 3D camera lens 2 After last week's post about HTC's response to user concerns specific to the camera lens vulnerability, it's safe to say that there is still debate and concern about the uber large and protruding camera pod.

So I kept digging for more ways to protect the area that don't require the use of a case. And thanks to comments by readers like 84guy, I was led to a few products that offer protection for not only the front screen but also the camera lens. These items are offered by Phantom Skinz and Martin Fields have been available for a few years now and users swear by them. Having been a Zagg Invisible Shield proponent for years now, it's nice to know about the alternatives, especially if they offer this two-way protection most of us would opt for.

In addition, I got some creative juices flowing and broke out some cheap generic screen protectors to see if I could fashion a homegrown solution, per the suggestion by reader kstagg. In case you haven't ever looked, a pack of protector sheets can often be had for as little as $2 with free shipping. If you want to try what I've done, it won't matter which device the screen protectors were originally intended for.

All you need is a screen protector to sacrifice and an X-ACTO knife (or the like). To play it safe, feel free to grab some tracing paper and a pencil.

DIY Camera protection 1

Now simply place the screen protector on the camera lens nnd use your blade or writing utensil to trace around the inside of the silver ring surrounding the camera pod (use light pressure). Once you have the section marked off (or cut out from the rest of the sheet), lay it down on the camera lens to make sure the size and shape is correct. Once you're satisfied, apply the protection as you would to the front of the phone. That's it.

Note: Be sure that the section you're going to affix to the device will fit inside the silver ring. If it does not, the edges will likely lift and the protection will not last long.

DIY Camera protection 2

Once the screen protector is applied, users can feel much more comfortable letting their EVO 3D run around unclothed. By covering the camera lenses themselves,  I would think that image quality can be degraded by very small amounts. That said, I have not been able to see any difference in the photos I have taken, so you'll need to be your own judge.

What solutions have others come up with? Have you spent some extra dollars or pennies to protect your phone or do you just take a c'est la vie approach?

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