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MyAlbum lets HTC EVO users download Facebook albums and upload multiple photos

Myalbum A few weekends ago I went to New York City and instead of lugging around a digital camera, I decided to take advantage of the 8MP camera included with my HTC EVO 4G. 

During my 5-hour bus ride back to Boston, I figured I could drain my battery by making a Facebook album and uploading all the pictures I took.  Many upgrades ago, the Facebook application enabled the abitlity to upload photos from your EVO. Unfortunately, since you are on your "mobile device," the photos always ends up in the Mobile Upload album. Not only that, but there is no way to upload multiple photos. There goes my album making idea!

What if I could present you with an app that would solve my problem as well as give you the ability to download your Facebook photo albums directly to your HTC EVO?

Meet MyAlbum for Facebook (Free).

First, the solution to my issue.


When you try to upload one picture to Facebook, the EVO's Facebook app will happily let you upload that one photo.


Try to upload multiple photos and the Facebook option disappears from "Share." But, download and install MyAlbum and you will notice an option for that application appear. After selecting this option, you can upload as many pictures as you want to any album you want (you can even create a new Facebook photo album). 

Another nifty feature of this app is the ability to download photos directly to your EVO. There is even the ability to snag all the photos you are tagged in on Facebook. This is great for the days you forget your camera, but still want to have a digital copy of the photos you're in. 


MyAlbum is a great addition to any Facebook lover's EVO. Whether you want to download your Facebook photo albums for safekeeping, snag the photos you were tagged in, upload multiple pictures from last weekend, or create a new Facebook photo album – this app has you covered.

This is just another way that my EVO is making other devices (in this case, my camera and my computer) seem obsolete.


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