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Netflix now lists HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D as officially supported devices


It's official. Netflix woke up, sipped on their coffee, and decided to add the HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D to their list of officially supported devices. The inexplicable part? There has been no update to the Netflix app to facilitate this change. The only possible explanation is that our devices have been supportable but Netflix has just now either discovered that or decided to open their arms up just a little wider to include more phones.

You may have read the recent G&E article explaining a simple workaround and, as I did, decided to give it a try. Everything seems to work just fine using that solution but now that our EVO family is now listed among the officially supported devices, installing the app via the Android Market will position you to receive future updates to Netflix as you would any other traditionally installed app.

Netflix QRcode Before taking any action today, I confirmed that the workaround version to be 1.2 and the version currently up on the Market is 1.3. If you wish to make the switch, simply uninstall the non-Market version and download directly from the Market. No other steps are required. So have fun and get your Flix on…officially…again!

Links:  Market (EVO)  |  (Market (web)


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