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New Sprint customers can get HTC EVO 3D for $75


This isn't the first time that Sprint has offered a $125 credit to those who leave their existing carriers and bring their number to the Now Network, but it's worth bringing up again for those still shopping around for the best deal on a new HTC EVO 3D, especially since the offer has been extended to July 23rd.

The best price for new subscribers that doesn't involve a trade-in or rebate is still $149.99 from Amazon, but patient customers who don't mind waiting for two months to get some money back and who move their phone numbers to Sprint will end up getting the EVO 3D for just $75.

The $125 credit is given on day 61 of the new contract and only applies to those who buy the phone at a Sprint store.

[Sprint] Thanks, Jim!

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8 thoughts on “New Sprint customers can get HTC EVO 3D for $75

  • I got my EVO3D for less than that and I am an EXISTING Sprint member: (receipt to prove it). I know this was no mistake, they were giving this discount to everyone there.

    I walked out with EVO3D and $24.99 case (with the Gold Premier discount) for $88.54!


  • Yes, the price with a trade-in is and has always been lower. This is currently the best price for new customers who are not trading in an old phone.

  • Yes, I am eating crow.

    Do I think it is the best phone on the market and that all other phones are garbage and that they can take a flying leap, blah, blah, blah. Am I turning into an EVO3D troll now like RT? Hardly. I wish the 3D were better.

    I have not seen the Nintendo 3DS to compare, but have heard it is easier on the eyes and does not want to make your retinas jump out of your sockets like on this phone. Right now I only use it to show others how it works. But all the other features – are an added plus. Battery life? So rar – marginally better.

  • By the way – when does the HTC case come out with the kickstand, or is it just sold-out? I have the platinum model from BestBuy. I exchanged the one from Sprint I bought from the phone – too cheap-looking.

  • I actually ended up getting money back. I sold my evo for $245 with all my accessories. Then I paid $179.99 from wirefly with another $50 cashback from bankofamerica additup program so phone cost me $129.99. So I pocketed around $115 minus the $30 I paid for defender case. So for new people that aren’t selling anything this is a great deal.

  • I paid around 30.00 with tax for 3d 3vo. I Sold/traded the 4g to best buy. Then I used my reward points money to lower the price to 30.00.

  • I had some Friends on verizon that their contract was lost up. They called verizon an found out that their etf was 70 each. The went to sprint ported tier numbers for 125 each an they bought back their old blackberriesand because they belong to a credit union they got the connection fee waiver an were also able to get their job discount. All in all they got a steal on two evo 3d’s


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