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Official HTC EVO 3D dock to arrive by August 21 [Updated]

We first told you about the official HTC EVO 3D desktop docking station last month. And although it has not yet been released, it was outed by Best Buy several weeks ago, which listed the sought-after accessory for $49.99 on its website. Until now, though, no one knew when it would actually be released, but thanks to some sleuth work by the "Super Spies" at Sprint Feed, we have an unofficial release date of August 21.

Interestingly enough, even though it's still not available to be shipped on Best Buy's website, I was able to add it to my shopping cart and chose store pickup. A quick check of my local stores showed that it was actually available for pickup today, July 20. This could be a fluke, but the system did allow me to begin the checkout process.

To recap, the dock is listed as MHL compatible and will also allow your phone to charge in an upright position, unlike some of the kickstand cases we have seen so far. So if this has been on your wish list for a little while, it wouldn't hurt to try your luck on Best Buy's website. In any case, at least we know it's on the way soon.

Thanks, Mike!

Update: After speaking with a store representative from my local Best Buy, I was informed that this dock cannot be sold until Sunday, July 24, even though the website does show it in stock now. However, it seems as if some people have been able to purchase it early, so you can always try your luck at your local Best Buy. And in any case, it looks like it won't be officially available for purchase from Sprint until August 21.

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