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Official MHL adapter for HTC EVO View 4G now available from Sprint

MHLAdapter The ability to connect your HTC EVO View 4G via MHL to HDMI just got easier thanks to the official MHL adapter from HTC now on sale at

While there are knock off cables available that probably produce the same results, some people are leery of cheap imitations. I, for one, have had cheap cables fray and fail after limited use in the past. Now you can order the real deal produced by HTC that will allow you to play video and audio from your device and display it on another monitor such as a television.

Providing an HDMI interface, the adapter can either connect directly to the phone or the desk stand. It has two ports, one for power and the other for HDMI (standard type-A female port). If you remember our past coverage of MHL, it's capable of delivering up to 1080p HD video and digital audio while providing power to the connected device. Once MHL-equipped HDTVs become available, an adapter like this won't be necessary because a standard MHL cable will simultaneously provide power and output media.

In the meantime, this adapter is available now and can be used with both the EVO View and EVO 3D.

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