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Pic3D helps make iPhone more like HTC EVO 3D

3d glasses Let's admit it. When we first heard that the new HTC EVO was going to have 3D, we were all a little skeptical. Isn't 3D just a gimmick?

Once the HTC EVO 3D came out, initial reports from users were positive. It appears that glasses-free 3D on your smartphone is pretty neat, and who knows, this could be the future of smartphones.

Enter the iPhone 4, a lackluster and dated device with a fan base of dreadfully devoted fanboys. I personally laugh whenever I see a friend get a "new" iPhone 4 when there are dozens of Android-powered devices that could blow that phone out of the water. Alas, if you have one of those friends and they seem to be envious at the glasses-free feature on your new EVO 3D, they may not have to wait long for the iPhone 3D.

No, it's not a new model. It's a screen protector (kinda). A Japanese company called Global Wave is manufacturing Pic3D sheets that they hope to release in early August. The product uses a lenticular lens system (rather than the EVO 3D's parallax barrier) to display 3D. This results in 90% light transmission and 120-degree field of view.

The little sheet is also going to be available for various desktop screens, the iPhone 4, the iPod Touch, and the iPad (honestly wouldn't mind trying this on my OG EVO 4G).

The iPhone 4 Pic3D sheet will sell for ¥2000, or roughly $25. Since none of these devices were designed to capture 3D images, iDevice users will still have to settle for taking 2D pictures. Another downside is that a special application is needed to play content in 3D (for both iOS and Windows).

Looks like the new EVO 3D is making iOS users as jealous as the EVO 4G made them. Would you get something like this for your EVO 4G?

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