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Prove you're an EVO genius with Android Community Quiz and AC Quiz Master

Attachment[1]All you smart readers out there with an HTC EVO can now participate in a giant two-part quiz game.

The first part is the Android Community Quiz app for $0.80 in the Market. Players log in and answer questions. A correct answer nets +2 points; a wrong answer (or lettimg time run out) gets -3 points. If a question is too far out of your scope of knowledge, you can skip it for a -2 point penalty, with up to five skips allowed in a session.

The real fun is when you realize how these questions came to be in the game. They were not added by some corporation or overlord game master; they were added by people just like you, other players utilizing the AC Quiz Master app (also $0.80 in the Market). This lends itself to heavy replay value of Android Community Quiz because new questions are added regularly and you never know what might get put into the game.

With a simple and clean interface that is very no frills, the game can be a little bland to look at but the joy of being challenged with tough questions that can be on any topic is where I find much of the fun.

I leave you all with a question of my own. Let's see if you can score those all important points.

Q: In which Taiwanese city is the HTC headquarters located?

1. Hong Kong
2. Taoyuan
3. Taipei City

[Talk Android]

Android Community Quiz


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

AC Quiz Master


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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