Purity ROM hits the Dell Streak

Purity-rom-dell-streak Developer Revolution over at XDA has released a new ROM for the Dell Streak based off of Krad's PlayDoh called Purity.

This Froyo ROM features Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 user interface, RAM optimizations, Swype, Netflix, Busybox, and custom Market, framework, battery mod, and boot animation.

Revolution doesn't actually have a Streak of his own, so the ROM is being developed using the Android SDK. Therefore, users have been getting mixed results when flashing it to their devices. The most common error is this:

E: cant symlink /system/xbin/su
E:Failure at line 71:

symlink /system/bin/su SYSTEM:xbin/su

Installation aborted. 

Some have reported that deleting the Su file fixes the problem. To do this, copy the Purity_RC1.zip to your desktop, unzip it, and locate the "su" file in system > xbin. Then highlight the "META-INF," "system," and "boot.img" files that you originally extracted, right click and select "add to zip archive," and name it "Purity_RC1." Put this file on your MicroSD card, boot into recovery mode, and flash the .zip.

Note that if you flash Purity on your Streak, it will incorrectly say you're running Android 2.3.4. Don't get excited, though, because you're really just on Android 2.2.1.

Anyone running Purity on their Streak?

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