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Radio Shack selling HTC EVO 4G for $29.99 with new and upgrade contracts


It was just in December of last year that I finally was able to join the HTC EVO 4G party and also get on the Android platform. For those still wanting to make the jump too, Radio Shack is now offering the original EVO for the incredibly sweet price of just $29.99 with all new or upgraded two-year lines. The free EVO deals are obviously sweeter, but those are only for new contracts.

We've seen other great deals on this phone for people switching over to Sprint but for those just looking to resign a contract or a little "out of luck" with their upgrade options, getting what is one of the most popular Android phones that has a great following behind it for just $30 is hard to be beaten.

If you can beat it, let us and all those others looking to join in on the EVO 4G fun a shout.

[Radio Shack]
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