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Revolutionary gains permanent root on HTC EVO 3D

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Earlier today, we told you that something huge was going to be presented to the world "later today" and it surely has. True to their word, the new developer partnership of unrevoked and Alpharev has presented us with what we've all been hoping for: an S-OFF status and recovery tool for the HTC EVO 3D called Revolutionary.

Take a quick moment and breathe, because there is a disclaimer. Revolutionary is a developer preview and may not be for the faint of heart just yet:

We still haven't made it perfectly easy to use for everyone, but we want power users and developers to be able to get started. If you're not a developer, feel free to try it out anyway; but you'll have to be patient with us while we iron out the wrinkles.

As it should be, the developers note that a great deal of credit is due to the community that "has successfully convinced HTC and other vendors of the need to provide unlocked bootloaders for their phones." Hopefully the floodgates have been opened and over the next few days and weeks, this team will lead the "next wave of innovation that this tool can help spark."

So there you have it EVO 3D users of the land—a means to start your root journey all over again. As with all things root, read very carefully before you flash and be prepared to take responsibility for your own actions. Get on over there and see for yourself.


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