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Rogers announces prices for Canadian HTC EVO 3D

Evo3d-rogers When Rogers announced that it would be making the HTC EVO 3D available to our closest neighbors up north, Canadians everywhere rejoiced. What was unclear, however, was how much the carrier would be asking for this hot new device.

Luckily, the EVO 3D is now appearing in the Rogers online store for the very reasonable price of $149.99 CAD (about $159 USD). This is about $40 less than what Sprint is currently subsidizing the device for, and about $20 less than what you can find at other retailers such as Wirefly, Amazon, or Sam's Club. Off contract, the phone will cost $549.99 CAD (about $583 USD).

Plans range from 200 minutes with 500MB of data for $52.35/month, up to 500 minutes and 1GB of data for $72.35/month. All plans come with unlimited nights and weekends beginning at 9:00 p.m. and "unlimited social networking." Customers can also choose one additional feature for free, including unlimited messaging, unlimited local calling, unlimited nights that start at 5:00 p.m., the opportunity to double one's plan minutes, or a five-number unlimited calling option. All of these plans include a three year contract.

In comparison to Rogers, even AT&T and Verizon's new limited data offerings look better than this. This really makes Sprint's plans that much sweeter and brings me a renewed confidence that Sprint is truly the best carrier with which we can enjoy the EVO 3D to its fullest potential. Still, I'm happy to see the device being made available to more people, even if the plans are lackluster at best.

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