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RoidRage for HTC EVO lets you express your hate in comic form

GandERageBrowsing Reddit's F7U12 on my HTC EVO is a major contributor as to why I never get things done and this problem is going to get worse thanks to RoidRage by Paul Bourke.

For those unfamiliar with the rage comics that have spread all over the internet, they are stick character comics usually expressing a hatred for the subject matter or situation the characters are in. While usually confined to the computer, creating comics on the go is now possible.

RoidRage gives you the the ability to create rage comics by adding text, drawing terrible pictures, and inserting those all important rage faces. Support for full touch screen scaling and rotating of faces as well as the ability to control how many panels you wish to have in your comic provides lots of flexibility to truly make it your own. Creating that one panel quickly of your friend's stupidity or the epic tale of your wife's mistake is all a possibility with this app.

Currently free in the Android Market, this app also has a $1.40 pro version that lets you load your own images from your phone and edit the watermark applied to saved comics.

I invite you to hit the jump to see one of my own creations and to also share your own comics in the comments.


 Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)


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