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Rooted EVO 4G running AOSP ROM has built-in screenshot feature

Snap20110725_000418 Screenshots are an important feature of smartphones. There will always be the need to share something on your screen with somebody. Here at G&E, we always have your back. Even before the HTC EVO 4G was released, we told you how to take screenshots with the OG EVO. We have also covered how to take screenshots with the EVO View 4G, without the HTC Scribe digital pen. And last night, we showed you how to take a screenshot with the EVO 3D

Now, thanks to all the folks that develop AOSP ROMs, taking screenshots on a rooted EVO 4G is easier than ever. 

If you are an MIUI user, there has always been a nice feature hidden in your ROM. Any time you would like to snag a screenshot, simply press the Menu button and the volume down key on your EVO 4G at the same time. The screenshot will be saved in /sdcard/MIUI.

If you use a (newer) CyangenMod-based ROM like CM-7.1.0-RC1 or Kushdeck's 2.3.4 Gingerbread ROM (version 1.2.1), then you are also in luck. A nifty new option has been added to the menu that pops up when your EVO's power button is held down (see image above). Simply press the screenshot option and whatever is on your screen will be saved to /sdcard/DCIM/Screenshots.

But what about those rocking Sense ROMs? What about those sticking with 2.3.3 CM-based ROMs? What if you want to take a screenshot of the new "screenshot option"? Well, there is always ShootMe (or PicMe). ShootMe uses funky methods to take snapshots of your rooted EVO 4G. As it was back in May of 2010, when our first screenshot article was written, ShootMe is still free on the Market.

Whichever method you choose, always remember to share everything cool you do with your EVO (and include screenshots – you pick the method).

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Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Rooted EVO 4G running AOSP ROM has built-in screenshot feature

  • It seriously pains me to see all of these articles about things that I would LOVE to try; but I am unable to due to the lack of root for my sad sad EVO 4G with Gingerbread.

  • Kind of sad that one has to root in order to take a screenshot though. Surely there has to be a way to do this without rooting? Would love to figure out how to do this on the EVO3D, for example.


    No worries etnpnys. Nothing wrong with having stock EVO4G. It’s still better than 80% of the android devices out there, if not more. I had a rooted 4G and to be honest, sometimes I wish I kept it stock solely to keep it in line with HTC/Sprint’s updates OTA. Too often I would get a ROM that was quirky or would leave a bad taste in my mouth, and would be tough to keep track of all the updates.

    I’m thinking I’m keeping the EVO3D stock though. No rooting here when the bootloader is updated.

  • I hear ya – I love my EVO. I had a Hero before it and I rooted it to death. I’m looking for root on my EVO to strip the bloatware out and regain some more space for apps. …That and I really really really want that Sense 3.0 lockscreen.

  • What about a stock rom that is simply rooted? It is not hard to keep up to date. I messed around with cm7, and a few others but as you said, the bugs drove me back to my nandroid backup

  • Yeah that’s exactly why I’m looking forward to something like MikG. Bloat gone and newer Sense features built-in. Pure awesomeness. And all stock features are supposed to be working: 4G, WiFi, etc.

  • If you guys are able to root your phones (EVO 4G) Yoiu should really try the Synergy ROM. it has all of the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, I do not live in a 4G Zone, so I can not comment on that feature, but ALL else works well and I was one to switch ROMS like 3 times aday. I have had this one for over a month and I have no plans on changing any time soon un til I upgrade to the ♦EVO II♦

    Enjoy!!! ♠SYNERGY♠


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