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Rooted HTC EVO 3D? Time to install a ROM!

WINNING Welcome to the root family, HTC EVO 3D users! We're glad to see that unrevoked and Alpharev have given the community a developer preview of permanent root for the EVO 3D. In the coming hours, days, and weeks, we should expect to see many ROMs begin floating around (along with a more stable version of Revolutionary). 

But I know a lot of you out there want more from your newly rooted EVO 3D. So let's discuss the TeamWin recovery project (aka twrp) and one of the first custom ROMs available for the EVO 3D.

After using Revolutionary to root your EVO 3D, you're going to want to install a custom recovery. TeamWin's twrp is a new entry to the recovery family, but should work just fine on your EVO 3D (although, for the faint of heart, this has not been extensively tested yet – be wary of the choices you make with your phone).

You can pick up the recovery image here and will need to install it via fastboot.

If you aren't sure what fastboot means, don't worry. I'll try to help. First, you need ADB and Fastboot USB drivers, which allow you to use "fastboot" on your EVO 3D; it's essentially just a tool used to transfer special files from your computer to your phone. You need to boot into fastboot by turning on your EVO 3D while holding the volume down key and selecting the FASTBOOT option from the menu.

In ADB, you will have to enter the following command in Command Prompt/Terminal:

    fastboot flash recovery [insert path to twrp.img]

Obviously replace the text in brackets (and throw out the brackets themselves) once you have downloaded the recovery image. 

Your EVO 3D will install the recovery image and you are now ready to install your first ROM. Of course, the first thing to do in recovery is create a Nandroid backup. I do not own an EVO 3D, but this should be pretty easy to figure out.

Then, of course, you need a ROM. There are very few available, but the Ti-X E3D ROM (v1) seems to be a good place to start. This ROM is very stock, only adding minor tweaks to help your EVO 3D run better (optimized apps, odexed ROM, added cache). Pick up the ROM from here and follow these instructions loosely (considering you will be using a different recovery image) to install your first EVO 3D ROM. 

Congratulations, your EVO 3D is running a custom ROM!

Sure, it may not be the best ROM or the most stable recovery image – hell, the root method is a developer preview. But it doesn't really matter. Today is a glorious day in EVO land: the EVO 3D has been rooted!

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