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Scrabble Free now available in Android Market and ready for HTC EVO


Scrabble has been available for Android for at least the past six months, but it could only be purchased from EA Mobile's website and wasn't well optimized for the HTC EVO's high resolution screen. Today, all of that changes with the Market release of Scrabble Free, an ad-supported version that features cross-platform play, in-game chat, stats, notifications, Facebook and Origin support, and the ability to play up to 50 games at once.

This version of Scrabble is more similar to the one for iOS and looks great on my EVO 3D's qHD screen, but I've had an issue where existing games are deleted when I exit the app so I wouldn't get too attached to the board just yet. If you want to play a game with me anyway, sign in and look for "pocketables" (that's my Words With Friends name too).


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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13 thoughts on “Scrabble Free now available in Android Market and ready for HTC EVO

  • Avatar of Kalifornia Kid

    hmmm… been playing bootleg of version 1.2.54 for months.

  • How’s this Scrabble compared to other Scrabble-type games? Hated Word With Friends on Android (unstable, buggy startup/login, and annoying interface).

    I found Wordsmith and WordFeud (now with iOS cross-play) much better.

    Hmm…just checked the market. What does Scrabble offer that accounts for the heavy app size? 18.6MB download = how much installed?

  • I have 3 games going at the moment and it shows a total of 2.81 stored on the SD card: 1.07MB for the app, and 1.75MB for data.

    So far I like this better than Words With Friends (which I actually love on iOS). Once the ads are gone and I’m confident that my games won’t be deleted upon exit (happened only once), I think it will be my go-to on Android. I haven’t played the other copycat games for a really long time but based solely on my memory of them, Scrabble is more polished and the UI is better. It’s also the original, which I’ve been playing for years (so the letter distribution, board, dictionary, etc are instantly familiar and “right”).

  • Weird about the app size. From the market via the QR code:

    Version 1.12.15 18.60MB

  • Would like to find a Spanish version, but I guess the ‘Scrabble’ brand is only available in English.

  • Ahh, installed it and found out that it was installed to SD by default. The app size when moved to phone: 22.26MB.

    Rather huge for a word game!

  • The amount of ads is annoying. Hated that in Words With Friends as well. Why are you showing me an ad after every move I make? Tired of Android apps like these.

  • Avatar of margaret

    seems to have crashed my EVO ;-( sorry, Jenn!

  • Avatar of Tumbleweed

    It would be hard to make a version of this game that wasn’t better than Words with Friends. The real question, though, is it better than WordFeud?

  • IMHO, no.

    1) I _just_ found out that it doesn’t work with the 4G connection. The push notification came in fine (hi, Jenn!), but the game itself wants either wifi or 3g.

    2) The app is much too ad-heavy. For instance, it will boot you to a full screen ad if you have the game board open when your opponent plays.

    3) Lengthy startup time…and I’m on the Evo 3D. I’m thinking it’s probably because it’s loading the fancy assets like high-res graphics and music (which I’ve disabled — volume => 0).

    SCRABBLE Free’s presentation is nice and slick, so that’s a refreshing plus versus WordFued’s simple interface.

    People may or may not like this, but it also has a built in dictionary (is it a full dict. or just a word look-up?). There’s also a Teacher feature; it’s accessible right after you play a word and shows the best move that you could have made. This would have been a great feature, but they should have made it accessible only in a review mode after the game has ended. Being able to use it during the game is not fair for your opponent.

  • I loved Word Feud and I now play Words With Friends cause I have lots of iphone people that play it. I still play Word Feud also but play Words With Friends More. I got wordsmith off Amazon app store an had it on my EVO but never put it back on my 3D. I liked the chat better on Wordsmith than words with friends but I don’t know many people that played Wordsmith but I sure don’t need another scrabble game.

  • i hate hate hate hate hate!!! ea’s horrible ad barrage of STUPID SIMS GAMES! after EVERY FRICKEN MOVE??? geeezus! makes it impossible to really play the stupid game!
    fail fail fail

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