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Self-made HTC EVO 3D shows off in white

IMG_20110706_045214 Although it's currently the only color available, not everyone is a fan of the black HTC EVO 3D.

The HTC EVO 4G was offered in white first at Best Buy and later at other retailers, but the EVO 3D has yet to be graced with the same white paint job. Rather than wait around, an enterprising fellow who goes by the name Zoidpilot decided to douse his phone in white, and the results show off the hardware in a style that's both fashionable and edgy.

Using little more than sandpaper, paint, and masking tape, he was able to give the EVO 3D a little more swagger with not a lot of work. Maybe he'll end up sanding the paint off the red camera ring, like we've already seen someone do on the EVO 4G; all silver accents on the back could look quite nice.

Now in doing such a mod, results are heavily dependent on skill, which is why I will not be trying anything like this. Otherwise, I'd end up on G&E in a post about the world's ugliest HTC EVO 4G.

[xda-developers] Thanks, rockypr9!

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