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SillyDino brings silly dinosaur riddles for kids to the HTC EVO

Silly dino

SillyDino was the free app in the Amazon Appstore yesterday, so some of you may already have it on your HTC EVO. If you didn't get it, you may still want to, especially if you have young children around you who are always grabbing for your phone.

SillyDino is very appropriate for kids and an entertaining distraction from the important items on your precious EVO. It's a book of dinosaur-themed riddles compiled into an app that works very much like an ebook. I found the animations between pages quite exciting (and I'm about 15-18 years above the recommended age for this book), and some of the riddles are actually pretty clever. You can choose to either read the book yourself or have it read to you. Too bad there are only about eight riddles.

Sillydino Another funny "feature" of this app is a quiz on dinosaurs, which I aced! The downfall is that there are just six questions and only one quiz; so once you answer the questions once… well, there's no point to take it again.

If you do have a little one who's interested in learning about dinosaurs and laughing at some fun riddles, then hopefully you keep up with Amazon's free apps and were able to grab SillyDino over the weekend. If not, you can always shell out $1.99 (much less than your average children's book) and grab it from the Android Market.

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