Sony S2 clamshell tablet gets handled

Sony_s1_s2_1 Whoa, look what we have here, guys! It's the Sony S2 tablet, up close and personal. This is huge for us here at Pocketables, because it's a dual-5.5-inch display, instead of just one. It runs Android Honeycomb, too. 

The pictures that will be in a space of its own down below show that the S2 is absolutely stunning in terms of design. It's got slightly curved clamshell lids for each of the displays, which makes it look very unique and, to be honest, quite sexy. 

Those vivid displays are also sexy, and very bright, too. They are obviously the selling points of the tablet, so Sony really had to make them shine (no pun intended.) They should also make for a pretty entertaining gaming experience, as well, for the S2 is PlayStation certified by Sony. So is the S1, but we'll leave that alone here.

There's also a bunch of words in Italian at the source link, but unless you can fluently read the language, then you'd better just stay here so you can make sense of everything. Click on past the break to see some more photos of this beauty of a tablet. 




Thanks, Lau!

[Notebook Italia]
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6 thoughts on “Sony S2 clamshell tablet gets handled

  • Wow that’s awesome! Any info like release or specs?

  • No, unfortunately. In the Sony S2 tablet link, you’ll see that we are expecting it sometime later this year. But nothing in that area was updated today. Sorry.

  • Why is it that the best looking devices are always the most mysterious?

  • I’ll buy it just for the sex.

    with the device.

  • Honestly I couldn’t understand how this hasn’t been covered yet here.
    Google and you will find all the specs. It has everything as a phone and a tablet. Including 3G.
    Some more googling and you will see a Video too of some guy playing with it for a few secs.
    Definitely my next Gadget. Thinking of having a blog dedicated to it when its out.


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