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Spanish Translator Pro makes translating on your HTC EVO muy fácil


Whether you say "¿Cómo se dice…?" or you say "How do you say…?" Spanish Translator Pro is a must have app for all bilingual HTC EVO owners.

All right, maybe this app is better targeted at assisting you while writing a paper for Spanish class or saving your ass while lost in Tijuana. In either case, Spanish Translator Pro will easily help you translate from English to Spanish and Español a Inglés. 

Most G&E readers probably have a license to this well-built translator via Amazon's "a paid app for free every day" promotion.

If you didn't grab the app on its free day, the Android Market carries the non-Pro version which expires after 50 translations and costs a meager $1.99. 

Spanish Translator Pro is so handy because you can speak to it. Simply ask the app: "Where is the bathroom?" Then, the app speaks back to you (after a button press): "¿Donde está el baño?"

If you would like to check out some other features of this translator and see some screenshots, keep reading. 

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The big selling point of Spanish Translator Pro is how easy it makes translating. The ability to speak the translation is great. Imagine being at your job and a Spanish-speaking person walks in. Normally, you have to find someone who can speak Spanish, find someone to translate, or play that awkward guessing game with hand motions. Not anymore! Let the person speak into your EVO (well, explain what you are doing first), and you can now fully help the Spanish-speaking person.

Granted, like all translator apps, there are some caveats. You can't just copy-and-paste that Spanish essay you are writing and hope that the translator will conjugate every word properly. But when you're in a pinch (especially on-the-go with your EVO), this app will suffice. 

The other features of Spanish Translator Pro include: a history of translations, a "word of the day" section (good for Spanish learners), and a Share button (to send your translated text off to Email/SMS or simply making it easier to copy your translation to the clipboard). 


Hopefully, most of you out there already have a license to this app from Amazon (let us know about your experiences with this app). Go download and install Spanish Translator Pro now to start enjoying the translating fun!

Market Links: Market (EVO) | Market (Web)

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3 thoughts on “Spanish Translator Pro makes translating on your HTC EVO muy fácil

  • Avatar of markbo2000

    I personally use Google translate app. It also allows speaking into the phone for translation, and it includes many other languages. I am not fluent in Spanish so I use it to send text messages to our Spanish speaking employees on the trucks at work. Awesome tool. It also allows to share what you translated to other applications also, not just the quick text feature.

  • I too use google translate. It is also hand for figuring out what people are saying when on the same poker table and they are croatian.

  • I’m a native spanish speaker (Puerto Rico), and I actually use Google translate a couple of times a month to translate random words from english to spanish… Even tho I speak spanish all day long, everything I read, write, or watch is in english and I think my spanish vocabulary is actually starting to atrophy, pretty embarrassing.


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