Tablet display shootout

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Those display afficianados over at DisplayMate have just put some of the most popular tablets through another display showdown. The iPad 2, Asus Transformer, Motorola XOOM, Asus Iconia, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 were chosen as the top 5 tablets for the shootout. Probably because they are the market leaders and the only ones consumers seem to care about.

After looking at color gamut, saturation, viewing angles, and much more, who was the tablet to beat? Well it turns out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the new king of the mountain, taking the reigns from the iPad 2. The PLS IPS display earned top marks across the board, with the only exception being an overwhelming amount of color saturation.

The other displays from Asus, Apple, and Acer were also rated very highly leaving only the Motorola XOOM out in the cold as the poorest display available, something we touched on already. But, that’s what happens when you rush a half-baked tablet to market with no working microSD slot, and a poorly calibrated low quality LCD display. Hit the source for the full rundown from DisplayMate.

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