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Teeter is now officially available for HTC EVO 3D

Teeter Even though the HTC EVO 3D was meant to improve on the EVO 4G in almost every way, there were some glaring omissions when it was first released at the end of June. Many early adopters wondered where Netflix went, although we have an unofficial fix for that. Others were looking for the handy HTC Flashlight app, which just recently became available through official channels. This means that one of the only things still missing on the EVO 3D was Teeter, an insanely addictive accelerometer-based maze game that I spent way too much time playing on my EVO 4G.

Luckily, if your phone is set up to sync automatically with HTC Hub (this option can be found under Accounts and sync), you probably just received a notification that a new app is available. Lo and behold, my cherished Teeter is now officially available to download from HTC, install, and waste more precious hours out of my day. I believe this now means that the EVO 3D officially has everything that the EVO 4G does, and more.

Of course, in the meantime I snagged a similar game for free during one of Amazon's daily free app promotions, aTilt 3D Labyrinth. It's definitely a worthy alternative and certainly adds some nifty features that are lacking in HTC's version, including the ability to choose which level you'd like to play, download new maps, and even create your own maps. There are also some neat 3D animations that attempt to make the game look more realistic, although I turned them off as I found them too distracting. The ad-free version of the game is now selling for $3.99, although an ad-supported version is still free. (You can also find these in the Android Market at the same respective price points.)

However, for those of you who don't want to spend the extra cash, or for those HTC purists that I know are out there, you have a completely free ad-less version of the game available in HTC Hub right now. Get to downloading, and enjoy!

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