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Today only: Folder Organizer free from Amazon Appstore for your HTC EVO

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Every once in a while, the Amazon Appstore offers up something worthwhile as their free app of the day. Today's free app is Folder Organizer by developer Fabio Collini.

Anyone who has tried to use multiple folders on their home screens has likely run into a problem: visually differentiating one folder from another. Folder Organizer and Apps Organizer solve this problem for you.

I have used Apps Organizer (one of the dev's other apps) for quite some time now and have found it to be very useful in organizing folders on my home screen. This full version of Folder Organizer offers the same basic functionality as Apps Organizer plus quite a bit more. It would normally run you $1.49 in either the Amazon Appstore or the Android Market itself.

In terms of folder use, I found it very convenient to groups a few apps and place them on my EVO's home screen (i.e. games, news sources) for easy access.

Here are just a few things you can do with Folder Organizer:

1. Create fully customizable folders containing anything you want (apps, bookmarks, contacts, and shortcuts). Folder Organizer can be used instead of standard Android folders. It lets you change the folder icon and add items easily.

Folder Organizer Create Custom Folders

2. Group items according to labels and create customizable folders and widgets. You can assign labels to apps, bookmarks, contacts, and generic shortcuts.

Folder Organizer Group using labels

3. Create scrollable widgets on your home screen with 4- or 5-column layouts. Widgets contain all items of a label, and multiple skins are available.

Folder Organizer scrollable widgets

All in all, the app does take a little while to figure out but it is definitely worth getting used to if you like to have the contents of your EVO organized and/or like having an uncluttered look on your home screen. You can visit the official site or watch the video for more instructions.

In case you miss the deal today, I would still recommend you download Apps Organizer for free. While it may not pack every punch Folder Organizer does, it definitely solves the "same icon for every folder" predicament.

[Amazon Appstore]
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