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Use HTC EVO's WiMAX to download "WiFi only" apps from Amazon Appstore

Amazon Let's say Fieldrunners HD is the Amazon Appstore free app of the day, but you're on-the-go when you find out, there's no WiFi available, and the app is "WiFi only."

Your HTC EVO has an unlimited data plan, so first you get mad that Amazon doesn't let you just download over 3G. But let's be honest, that would take forever anyway. But then you remember that there's 4G in this phone.

Don't tell this secret to your friends on AT&T (if they can even run the Amazon Appstore), T-Mobile, or even Verizon, but Sprint's WiMAX is actually the only 4G network that can currently download "WiFi only" apps without WiFi!

So go ahead, turn on that 4G and download Plants vs. Zombies while you're standing in line, waiting for the bus, sitting at a restaurant, or just hanging out in a WiFi-less zone. Then laugh at your friends without EVOs who cannot do this (and remember to go to your Plants vs. Zombies anonymous meeting later this week).

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