Video review: Blurex leather case for the HTC Flyer


Since the release of the HTC Flyer, there hasn’t been too many slim cases out there to choose from. I wanted something as slim as possible and found this Bluerex leather case on Amazon. And what better way to show it to you than to do a quick video review while I'm still on vacation?

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Hector Gomez

Hector Gomez is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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2 thoughts on “Video review: Blurex leather case for the HTC Flyer

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    Thanks for the nice video review. I have the similar case for the 7in Tab, and have been very happy with it. When Jenn purchased a BB case for the Flyer, she noticed the leather was discoloring the 2 white panels on the back. Have you noticed any discoloring, and could you update us on that issue after using it for awhile?

    The video was sharp even full screen. Which device did you use to take the video, and which settings did you use?


  • Thanks Jim, glad you liked the review of the case. I also have a case very similar to the Blurex for my Galaxy Tab 7. This is one of the reason I was looking for something like this. The Leather case Jenn bought at Best Buy was a different case which had a dye inside which was causing the Flyer to get stained. This one doesn’t.

    I am using my good old Panasonic HDC-SD10 video camera and have the setting set to HD so that I can upload with best results.


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