Visidon Applock unlocks Dell Streak apps with your face

Applock I tend to tote my Dell Streak 7 around with me most of the time, so I need to make sure all of my sensitive information is locked up tight. There are a few apps that can lock other apps up with patterns or passwords, but one of our sister sites, Good and EVO, found a method that's often much faster and even more secure.

Any Dell Streak user running Gingerbread or Honeycomb should try out Visidon Applock, which uses face recognition software and your Streak's front-facing camera to unlock apps on your phone.

You can select which apps you want locked, along with how secure the facial recognition is. From my experience, the facial recognition software packaged with Visidon Applock is both speedy and high-quality, unlocking apps in seconds, even in low light. In case you're using your phone or tablet in the dark, you can also set a back-up password that you can enter to open the app.

This application also does a great job of erasing the security issue of finger smudges that can reveal your PIN, password, or pattern. 

Unfortunately, the app is only available for those running Gingerbread or greater. I've only tested it on my Dell Streak 7 running Honeycomb, but it should work on Streak 5s running StreakDroid 2.0 too.


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