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Vodafone scraps planned HTC EVO 3D launch

Vodaphone EVO 3D …and then there were two.

Vodafone UK has decided to cancel plans to carry the HTC EVO 3D, leaving only Rogers Canada and Sprint as carriers for the 3D device. So the gold-ringed camera seen here may never make an official appearance.

Reports are that the glasses-free 3D device was scrapped due to delays on the part of HTC. As we all know, Sprint launched the EVO 3D on June 24, after its March debut at CTIA 2011. Apparently, HTC had confirmed at that time that it would be able to launch a GSM version in Europe at the end of June, roughly in line with the US launch.

So due to delays coupled with the fact that Vodafone continues to plan launches of both the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2 devices in the near future, the plug on the EVO 3D has been pulled. With the above devices in the pipeline, the carrier figures to have enough choices to appease their customers.

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