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Why use HTC EVO to get stuff done today when you can Do It (Tomorrow)?

Do it tomorrow bannerSmart phones have become the new personal assistant and making sure you have a good to-do list manager on your HTC EVO is important. As a contender for most forgetful and laziest person in the world, I heavily depend on my phone to remind me when to do things. But one issue with most to-do list apps involves changing tags, meta-data, item groups, and before not, my to-do list was an item on my to do list.  

In steps Do It (Tomorrow) by Adylitica, Inc., which was previously for the iPhone and is now making the jump to your HTC EVO. Do It (Tomorrow) takes the work out of your to-do list and allows for fast, simple entry of items. The beauty is in the simplicity of the two-page system, today and tomorrow. No categories, no meta-tagging, no fuss.

Doitotomorrow1With a great looking interface that draws inspiration from Moleskin notebooks, the style factor is there once you open the app. Entering items is as simple as just typing them in on each line and you are done. No assigning items or any other type of management is needed.

Now the real magic is in the little arrow on the right of each item. So if you look at the screenshot, "Buy Groceries" is for tomorrow with a back arrow on the right. A simple click of said arrow then moves "Buy Groceries" to the Today page. That is all it takes to shuffle items around to make sure that you are either getting it done today or tomorrow.

Cloud syncing between devices, reordering existing to do items, editing of to-do items, plus high resolution support should be more than enough to get you to download this today. Or tomorrow.


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