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AlcoDroid helps you use your HTC EVO to stay safe while drinking

Alcodroidresized According to a 2008 study, 2 in 5 college students binge drink. As a college student myself, I have seen many people drinking way more than they should. But with AlcoDroid on my HTC EVO, I probably never have to worry about that. 

AlcoDroid is a blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator that will be able to roughly judge how drunk you are. BAC is the percentage of alcohol in a person's blood and is used by legal enforcement and health professionals to measure alcohol intoxication. A person's BAC is affected after the first drink is consumed. Most states in America hand out DUIs if a driver's BAC is higher than .08, and BAC levels higher than .30 can be fatal.

AlcoDroid can be your new best friend! Whether you are trying not to drive home drunk, get too drunk, or not die, the app can give you a good estimate of where your BAC, and thus your alcohol intoxication, is at. 

There are many BAC calculators on the Market, but AlcoDroid blows them all away. This app makes it very easy to tell the app who you are (giving you customized BAC readings) and add drinks into the log. Even better, it keeps track of the time you enter drinks and reminds you when you'll be sober and when you can drive again. 

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The best feature of this app (that I have been waiting for from BAC calculators, anyway) is that you can add custom drinks. For instance, by default, you can't tell the app that you just drank a Four Loko. But with a few clicks and knowledge of the drink's volume and alcohol content, you can! 

No more tallies, no more guessing . . . hell, no more blackouts, no more DUIs. AlcoDroid can prevent any alcohol drinker (not just binge drinking college students) from doing the things that make drinking bad and encourage them to stick to the things that make drinking good. 


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Disclaimer: Like all BAC calculators, AlcoDroid can only give you an estimate of your BAC. Every person's metabolism is different, so please use this with caution. Also, there is no magic "Common Sense" button, so don't expect it to save stupid drunk asses.

G&E does not condone binge drinking, underage drinking, or foolish drunken behavior. Use AlcoDroid at your own risk and don't smash your HTC EVO when you're smashed.

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