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Always have a Plan B if your HTC EVO is lost

Plan b1 Imagine losing your HTC EVO. This is a touchy subject for some and many think that this will never happen to them. But the fact of the matter is, we all need to be prepared. 

In the event that the worst were to happen and you and your precious EVO were separated, what would you do?

Here at G&E, we always have your back. Last month we showed you how SeekDroid can help you find your lost EVO. Going back to last year, we also showed off another EVO-finding app called Where's My Droid

Both these apps are great; don't get me wrong there. But these EVO-finding apps, along with many others, require configuration. But what about the flashaholic? What if you just got an insurance replacement? What if you thought you were invincible so you decided not install one of these apps?

Before, you were screwed. But now, there is Plan B.

Plan B was created by the Labs division of Lookout Mobile Security. Their goal is to "explore new ideas and push the boundaries of mobile apps." 

So how can Plan B help you out when your EVO is lost and there is no app on your phone to find it?

By using the computer/web version of Android Market, you can remotely install apps to any phone linked to your Gmail account, which is perfect in the event of a lost EVO.

Once you have remotely sent the app to the EVO (assuming it still has an active data connection and hasn't been wiped and set up with someone else's account), the app will install. Now, you may be thinking to yourself: Can't I just do that with SeekDroid or Where's My Droid? Well, yes you can. But, those EVO-finding apps need to be configured.

Plan B's only requirement is installation.

Plan b

Plan B will now automatically start sending the phone's location to your Gmail address, making tracking down your EVO simple. If your EVO only has a cell signal (i.e., no data connection) you can grab a buddy's phone and text the word "Locate" to your phone. The text back will give you the same information as the email sent previously.

If you already have SeekDroid, Where's My Droid, or any of the other EVO-finding apps out there, then you may not need Plan B. But if you don't, then Plan B may just save your ass some day. Oh, and it's free!


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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