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The Android Market has reached a point where developers are really starting to take notice, and gradually introducing their Honeycomb optimized apps into the Android Market. I think it’s only fitting to start an app of the week here on NBT, and let our readers see which apps we like, as well as which apps use everyday. To start things off, I’ve decided to highlight a rather popular app, News360. Simply put, this is my go to app on my Transformer, iPad 2, or even my Windows Phone. Hit the jump to see why.

Look through any of the app stores in any market and you won’t have a hard time finding some sort of news feeder. There are many great ones out there (Pulse), but News360 does things a little differently, which makes them my top dog. Sure you can get your typical RSS feeds and headlines aywhere, as well as bookmark your favorite sites, but that only gives you one outlook on a story. In many cases this is fine, but not always the best solution.

News360 on the other hand, gives you multiple sources to choose from when browsing through stories so you can see the news from different points of view, and looks beautiful when doing it.

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The app opens up to the top stories of the day from all parts of the world. Open a headline that seems interesting, and you’re greeted with the openings of the article, lots of pictures, and a tab on the bottom which lets you read the articlef  from the original source. Everything flows with ease from one section to the next. But, as I told you earlier, News360 is different from the rest. Along the top of the screen, you’ll see numerous extra sources from around the world. The bigger the story, the more sources you can browse through. This is incredibly beneficial for anyone out there interested in getting accurate infrmation, or just multiple points of view on different topics. Instead of getting only filtered information from some sources, you now have the ability to get it right from the original source. That’s powerful stuff.

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There isn’t a limit to the information brought to you through the app. Technology news, world news, politics, sports, business, everything is there at the tip of your fingertips. This is why it’s my most used app, and why it could be yours too.

Free in the Android Market

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