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Bullet hell shooter developer Cave to bring its games to the HTC EVO

Cave Good news, HTC EVO gamers! Japanese developer Cave has announced that it will be bringing its bullet hell shooter games to Android just as it has to iOS.

Despite its 13-year history of making casual mobile games, Cave is not turning its back on hardcore gamers. The company's iOS shooter games— Dodonpachi Ressurection, Mushihimesama Bug Panic, and DeathSmiles—are slated to be landing on Android. Cave COO Mikio Watanabe states that despite issues with fragmentation, company engineers should have "some good news for people soon."

For those who have never seen a Cave shooter in action, check out this promotional video that shows why fans clamor for these games. It is not just the high production value pullingthem in; it is also the hellish, self punishing challenge that is rarely found in Western games. That and lolitas. Lots of lolitas.

[PocketGamer UK]
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