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Clearwire announces LTE Advanced network, continued WiMAX support for HTC EVO users


A few weeks ago, we told you that Sprint has some big 4G plans that they are getting ready to announce later this fall. Then we told you about how Sprint is partnering up with LightSquared to begin rollout of a new 4G LTE network, and why HTC EVO users really don't have anything to worry about right now.

Now it looks like Sprint's original 4G partner, Clearwire, has officially announced in a press release yesterday that they are jumping on the 4G LTE bandwagon, too. And even though we already knew for quite some time that they were in the testing phases of a new LTE network, Clearwire did fill us in on additional some juicy details.

This includes their plan to add LTE Advanced capabilities on top of their existing infrastructure, which can achieve peak download speeds of 120 Mbps – this is much faster than the LTE networks that are in existence today. And while Clearwire did not mention any potential plans for WiMAX expansion, they did note that they will continue to support the WiMAX network for quite a while, especially since they expect to add at least 2 million more WiMAX customers before the year ends.

Could this be part of Sprint's big 4G announcement later this year? It certainly seems so. Sprint was the first to bring 4G to the US through the HTC EVO 4G and their WiMAX network, so maybe they will be the first carrier to make use of an LTE Advanced network in the coming years. With this under their belt, I can only imagine what kind of LTE Advanced EVO-superphone Sprint and HTC might release in the not-too-distant future!

[Clearwire via Android Central]
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