Cut the Rope: Experiments is out

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Cut the Rope is in my opinion the best casual game on the iPad. Unlike Angry Birds it doesn’t turn the player itself angry trying to get through the game, which makes it more of an actual casual game. A new version of the game is now out, called Cut the Rope: Experiments. This version joins the original and the holiday version in the App Store and is in other words not just an update, but a $1.99 new game.

Releasing a whole new app is undoubtedly to get some more cash (rather than just doing free updates), but I would have preferred that they had released new levels as in-app purchases instead. The reason for that is that the game is still just Cut the Rope with more levels and three new “tools” (rope shooter, bouncy pillows and suction cups) which means that it’s not really a new game. Because of the lack of the original levels in this version of the game, they also had to use 20 of the 75 new levels to go through the basics – something that will bore old Cut the Rope players half to death.

Still, it’s more Cut the Rope! More of the same candy based puzzles that we’re so used to, all in the name of Om Nom.  $2 is pretty cheap for a “HD” (iPad version) game as well, so definitely worth picking up both for new and old players.


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Andreas Ødegård

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