Dell launching own Android Market channel for Dell Streak devices?

Android Market ScreenshotEveryone knows that there aren't very many apps that are designed specifically for the Streak tablets and there are usually quite hard to find due to the lack of them, but this difficulty may be soon coming to an end. As you can see in the image on the right, there is a new grey tile with "am-android-dell" (beneath the Spotify tile) in the new version of the Android Market, which suggests that Dell is in fact launching its own channel in the Market where its favorite apps and perhaps even apps that are made for the Streak devices in mind will be featured.

The reason I think this is plausible is because the "am" clearly stands for Android Market and the "android" and "dell" are self-explanatory. Another piece of proof that I have is that if you compare the grey tile in my screenshot with this one courtesy of Eurodroid, you'll see that tiles are almost identical; the only difference is that the other one says "Sony Ericsson," which is said to be Sony Ericsson's custom channel in the Android Market.

The whole business of custom Android Market channels isn't all new, as Sprint took over the Downloads tab on the HTC EVO handsets back in July 2010 and Vodafone added a custom channel to its Android devices in the UK in early July 2011.


Unfortunately, the channel isn't functional yet and currently gets stuck on an everlasting loading screen, so at the moment we don't know what apps will be featured.

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