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Dex Mobile brings the cheapest gas, local events, and more to your HTC EVO all in one app

DexMobile You've got an app for gas prices, another for movies, and one more for finding out what is happening locally. Throw them all away and give Dex Mobile a shot on your HTC EVO, and you might find everything you need is in this one package.

Using location-based aggregation, Dex Mobile allows you to quickly and efficiently see what is nearby without having to jump apps. Once your location has been determined, you can scroll through categories like gas prices, for example. It then shows you the cheapest gas around as well as the closest gas station's prices, so you can then determine whether the drive to save a few bucks is really worth it.

A great app for going on a date or partying in an unknown city, Dex Mobile lets you quickly find movies, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants nearby, and even call a taxi in just a few clicks. This way you dig up the information you need fast and do not leave your date sitting there while you're buried in your phone.

Once you have found what you are looking for, Dex Mobile allows you to make calls to businesses, pull up driving directions and maps, as well as share the information with others. Depending on which category you are searching under, you even access extras, such as seeing if a particular business has coupons or linking into OpenTable to make a reservation at a restaurant.

A great smattering of abilities makes this a great app to travel with, and I will definitely be using it on my next vacation.


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