Leaked Sony S2 tablet screenshots are here for your enjoyment


Oh, boy! Looks like we’ve got some more information to pass along to you about the most incredible Sony S2 tablet. We talk about it a lot here at Pocketables, and that’s because it’s a dual-screened tablet, with each screen boasting the beautiful measurement of 5.5 inches.

Things have started taking shape for the S2 in the past few months, what with being handled and all that. And now, according to a new leak, we have found out even more about the elusive tablet. You’ll find a gallery below, as well as explanations about each picture, but basically the S2 is bringing quite a bit to the table.


For starters, the S2 will be running a modified version of Android 3.2, which is required to run Honeycomb on 7-inch screens. It also means that Sony wants to keep this device updated, since Android 3.2 is the newest version of Honeycomb.


Next up is this handy little applet Sony included for users to more easily connect to WiFi. With just one tap, the S2 and this applet will run through all the settings of your WiFi network and connect to it, as well.


Here is the keyboard, and as you’ll see, it has a numpad on the right. We aren’t quite sure if that is due to a small little upgrade in 3.2 or something added by Sony, but either way, it’s a nice addition. Hopefully it can be toggled, though, because I would much rather type with a full keyboard than a scaled down version with a numpad.


Sony also added a Chumby app. If you don’t know what Chumby is, it’s just a little device that displays useful information from the internet. A lot of people set it by their beds, so maybe Sony is targeting that demographic here, too.


Finally, the S2 will include the Sony Music Player app, which also includes the company’s SenseMe software that chooses music based on your mood.

So there you have it. The S2 is definitely shaping up to be one of this year’s most anticipated gadgets on Pocketables. Do you want one, too?

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