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Facebook video chat: Coming soon to an HTC EVO near you?


When Facebook released its new Messenger app for the HTC EVO and other Android phones yesterday, many people wondered: so what? How is this really any different than what is already available in the official Facebook app?

Thanks to a little digging by some very smart people, we might just have an answer. It looks like the app contains two currently unused icons: one called admin_missed_call.png and the other admin_video_call.png. As these same icons can be found hidden within the iOS app, it seems that the most logical (and simplest) explanation is that Facebook is planning on bringing its newly launched video chat service to both Android and iOS, most likely in a future iteration of its Messenger app.

This would certainly make sense. Facebook is using Skype to power its desktop video chat service, and Skype just expanded its own mobile video calling service to more Android devices, including the HTC EVO 4G, EVO 3D, and (unofficially) the EVO View 4G.

If this pans out, HTC EVO users would now have quite an array of video chat options available to them: Qik, Skype, Fring, Tango, Yahoo, and now Facebook, among others.

[HowToArena via Androinica]
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3 thoughts on “Facebook video chat: Coming soon to an HTC EVO near you?

  • or maybe these links / buttons dynamically activate as they roll this out to selective few, rather than blast to everyone at once with an update !

  • Google + scared them, by alreadyhaving the video service installed.

  • Avatar of Rane718

    And none of those so-called video services work properly.


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