Fusion Garage’s Grid 10 looking to get into the market

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For the few of you who haven’t heard by now, Fusion Garage is announcing another 10-inch tablet. You might remember them from the JooJoo, which didn’t exactly excite reviewers or consumers when it finally hit the market. Well, that didn’t stop the Fusion Garage team from coming out swinging again.

Next up is the Grid 10 tablet, which is based off the Android kernel. Fusion Garage didn’t just follow everyone else and throw the same tried and true Honeycomb on another slate and call it a day, though. You actually won’t find much of the little green robot at all. Instead, there is an endless grid of sections and clusters that are heavily customized to your liking. The entire interface looks like nothing on the market. Oh, and the OS has the Dalvik virtual machine, which will enable Android applications on the Grid 10. You won’t have access to the Market directly, but between the Amazon app store and sideloading of apps, you should have access to the handful of Android Honeycomb apps.

Engadget was able to get a hands-on with Fusion Garage’s CEO, and I have to say, it all looks great. Like the PlayBook, the system is capable of 60 fps, so everything is buttery smooth. The actual hardware is receiving praise from everyone that’s gotten their dirty paws on it too.

Fusion Garage faces a big uphill battle trying to get into an industry dominated by Apple. Android is catching up quick (iPad market share was over 90%, now about 75%) though, and the others aren’t even in the same league. An unknown start-up that failed with tablet number 1 will have to learn from their mistakes, have an extremely polished end user experience out of the gates, and offer a competitive price point to lure customers away from the known leaders. Unfortunately the Grid 10 is priced the same as the iPad, which is hard to beat for a small company, and higher than some of the better Android slates like the Transformer. Hopefully they can work some magic, because it looks like a compelling platform.

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