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We’ve been witnessing the flood of Android tablets this year from various companies all running Android’s Honeycomb OS. There seems to be announcements every week of yet another tablet coming down the pipeline. This should be a great option for consumers, but they just don’t seem to be biting. Sales numbers of Android tablets vs the iPad aren’t even comparable, and it seems Google thinks they know why. It sure ain’t the hardware, as there’s basically any combination under the sun. It’s the apps of course!

Google has decided to re-focus on the main reason people invest into an ecosystem by hosting a series of workshops around the US for developers interested in the Android tablet platform. These events will focus on “creating high-quality tablet apps with an emphasis on polish and user-experience,” according to Android developer Tim Bray.

Whether this helps Honeycomb is yet to be seen, but it sure isn’t going to hurt. There needs to be tremendous focus from Google to revitalize what seems to be a stale market for developers. As it stands now, there is roughly 300 tablet optimized apps for Honeycomb, and around 100,000 for iOS. That’s a huge disparity.

For more information on the Google app workshops, check here.

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