How to access your Dell Streak's SD card wirelessly, from any device

File_expert For me, connecting my Dell Streak to a computer to modify the contents of its SD card is a hassle. Fortunately, an app called File Expert has solved that problem, allowing me to access my Streak's SD card over WiFi on any device, not just a computer.

File Expert is a file manager that allows you to broadcast your SD card as an HTTP server. This means that any device with a browser and the username and password you set—smartphones, tablets, computers, you name it—should be able to access and modify the card.

In addition to all but removing the need for USB cables, this app also makes the process of sending files from one device to another much easier. Moving apps from my Streak to my Streak 7 used to require two USB cables and a few minutes of copy-and-pasting. Now, it takes a whole lot less time and effort.

In addition to creating an HTTP server out of your SD card, File Expert is also a file manager, like Astro or Root Explorer.


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Alex Winzenread

Alex Winzenread is a former editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012. He has been writing in creative writing competitions since 2009 and has always been writing for leisure. In October 2010, he got his first smartphone and was instantly smitten. His hacking and modding obsession had officially begun.

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3 thoughts on “How to access your Dell Streak's SD card wirelessly, from any device

  • Why not just use Bluetooth lmao? 2 usb cables hahahahaha.

  • @Al:

    Maybe I am not doing it correctly, but the stock music player did not recognize songs after I sent them to my device via Bluetooth. I can kind of see an appeal to this especially when you have computers that do not have Bluetooth in them. If they don’t you have a simple dongle to fix that issue, but what if you can’t afford that?

    I also would like to point out that I WiFi should be faster than Bluetooth. It took me about a half hour to transfer 11 songs via Bluetooth.

  • Avatar of LungJian

    Or you could just use the “Web Share” option in File Expert. Takes about 5 seconds and requires no configuration.


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