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How to gain S-OFF on the HTC EVO View 4G with Revolutionary


Revolutionary has only been out for a few days and we have already seen how it can be used to  grant the HTC EVO 3D with S-OFF status. We've also gone over how to throw a ROM on your newly rooted EVO 3D and how to unroot it.

But what about those cool HTC tablets?

The HTC EVO View 4G (and its WiFi only cousin the HTC Flyer) can also be unlocked via Revolutionary. Once you have your tablet set to S-OFF, you can gain root privileges and flash a custom ROM.

The first step is gaining S-OFF.

First, check your HBOOT version. You can do this by going into the bootloader (while your tablet is off, press and hold power and volume down until you see some skatin' Androids). On the second line of your screen, you must see "HBOOT-1.09.0000" or "HBOOT-1.13.0000" on the EVO View.

To begin, you need to grab the HTC fastboot drivers and install them onto your computer. It is recommended to uninstall applications that like to communicate with the View (HTC Sync, doubleTwist, etc.).

Then connect the tablet to your computer and enable USB debugging by going to Settings -> Applications -> Development and checking the "USB Debugging" box.

Time to get Revoultionary up and running. Go to Revolutionary's website, read the documentation, and click on the "Download For Windows." (Or Linux – I'm going to show you how to do this on Windows, shouldn't be too hard to figure it out on Linux, though). 

The download will start immediately and you will see a form open up in your web browser. Don't close the webpage; you will need to fill out this information in a second. After the download is complete, extract the archive and open Revolutionary.exe. This will get you your serial number. Enter this and other required device specifications. Once completed, you will be given a beta key that you need to copy in the Revolutionary console window. Then just follow the on-screen instructions to unlock the bootloader.

And that's it, folks!

You now have an HTC EVO View 4G with S-OFF. All you have to do at this point is root your device, flash the recovery of your choice, and install a custom ROM. Well, that's what I would do, anyway. Welcome to the root family!

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