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How to get Wireless Tether up and running on HTC EVO 3D

Wifi-tether-evo3d One of the main reasons that people root their phones is so they can enjoy root-only apps, such as ShootMe, SetCPU, or Wireless Tether. The latter is, for obvious reasons, one of the most popular root-only apps for the HTC EVO 4G, as it allows people to skirt past Sprint's $29.99/month mobile hotspot feature and get the same functionality for free. Unfortunately, many users are having trouble getting this set-up on their newly-rooted HTC EVO 3Ds.

While the stable build of Wireless Tether that's available now in the Market will return errors when trying to tether, some users are reporting that WiFi Tether (the beta version of Wireless Tether) does work – to an extent. For some reason, it seems to only allow access to Google-branded sites. And while some people have been able to correct this problem by changing the DNS settings, it seems that this fix does not work for the majority.

Furthermore, while others are recommending that users try Barnacle WiFi Tether instead, Barnacle only allows for ad-hoc tethering. This means that it's not compatible with many devices: for example, the HTC EVO View 4G tablet only recognizes WiFi networks that are broadcast in infrastructure mode. I've also had trouble getting my laptop to connect to the internet when tethering with Barnacle.

Fortunately, there's a fix. It's a bit cumbersome, but here's how you can get WiFi tethering up and running on your EVO 3D.

  1. First, download the most current beta version of Wireless Tether, currently 3.1 beta 2, which is not available in the Android Market.
  2. Next, download Barnacle WiFi Tether from the Android Market. I'll tell you why in a second.
  3. Then, open WiFi Tether and press Menu > Settings > Routing fix. Hit the back button,  press the icon to start tethering, and then press it again to turn tethering off. Be sure to approve any Superuser requests that pop up.
  4. Next, open Barnacle WiFi Tether, press start, and then stop again (again, make sure to approve all Superuser pop-ups).
  5. This next step is important: press and hold the home button so that you see a list of your recently used apps. (Alternately, you can view your recently used apps by pulling down the notification bar.) From this list, select WiFi Tether again and begin tethering. This will keep Barnacle running in the background; if you push the back button to exit Barnacle, it will close and this method might not work properly.
  6. Connect with your laptop or any other WiFi-enabled device, and enjoy full access to the internet!

At this point, it's unclear why Barnacle has to be running in the background to get Wireless Tether to work properly. The developers, however, are well aware of the situation and are working on a fix for future releases.

If Wireless Tether has been working fine for you, then this workaround is obviously not needed. But if you are one of the many who have been experiencing problems, including restricted access to Google sites only, be sure to give this a try and let us know if this method works for you.

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