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How to improve 4G performance on HTC EVO

Sprint4G 4G on the HTC EVO is great, as long as you are in a good signal area and aren't moving around much.

However, if you find yourself located in an area with a weak signal, or you try to connect in a moving vehicle, you are most likely plagued by connectivity issues such as dropped signals, slow reconnects, and bald spots from frustrated hair-pulling.

We previously showed you how to improve 3G on your HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D, so here's how to improve your 4G connectivity.

As you probably already guessed, you will need your MSL code. Once you have obtained this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your 4G radio is turned off (Home screen > Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > 4G).
  2. Open your phone dialer and dial ##3282# (##DATA#).
  3. Press Edit Mode and enter your MSL code as the password.
  4. Press WiMAX.
  5. Scroll down to WiMAX_Scan_Retry(s) and change the number to 15 (the original number was 120, in case you ever want to revert back to the stock settings).
  6. Scroll down to WiMAX_Entry_RX(RSSI)(dBm) and change the number to -100 (originally -89).
  7. Scroll down to WiMAX_Entry_Delay(s) and change the number to 0 (originally 300).
  8. Press Menu > Commit Modifications and wait for your phone to reboot.

This mod will allow your EVO to connect to weaker 4G signals that it would previously ignore, as well as shorten the amount of time that your EVO will wait before trying to reconnect to 4G when the signal is dropped.

Optionally, you can also force your EVO to wait longer before falling back to 3G by following steps 1-4 above, scrolling to WiMAX_Exit_CINR(dB) and entering 0 (originally 2). Next, scroll to WiMAX_Exit_Delay(s) and choosing any number up to 600 (originally 2). Finally, commit your modifications (step 8).

You should keep in mind that this mod will drain your battery a bit faster if you are in a spotty 4G area, so remember to keep your 4G radio turned off when you are not using it. But why not give this a try, and let us know if 4G network performance has improved for you!

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