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How to update Swype on your rooted HTC EVO 4G

Image by ropodope If you're running a custom ROM on your HTC EVO 4G, then there's a good chance that your ROM developer has a few priorities higher than updating non-critical components of his work. These priorities can range from having an offline life to working hard to get a good HTC EVO 3D ROM shipped, but regardless of reason, we're likely left to our own devices in the interim.

Ropodope over on recently shared a link to the newest version of Swype, which I've been using for most of the day now and loving once again. There's little doubt it will be baked into my ROM's next version, but I wanted a working keyboard now, as almost overnight mine became useless with accuracy hovering somewhere below the floor.

If you don't have Swype installed on your ROM currently, it's as simple as downloading the .apk in the linked thread and running it. If it is installed, then there are a few steps you need to take.

First off, besides downloading the new Swype, you're going to want to do a Nandroid backup. You're going to be weed whacking in system folders, and if something breaks you'll want to be able to get your phone back and running ASAP.

Now set your default keyboard to something other than Swype. After we remove it, it'll obviously crash if you try and use it. 

Next you need to remove Swype. In some cases, you can uninstall it from Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage > Swype > Uninstall. In some ROMs, you can remove it via Titanium Backup. You can also remove it by deleting two files using Root Explorer, ADB, shell, or anything else that lets you operate in root folders. Whatever you prefer to use, you're going to attempt to delete the Swype apk from /system/app (location and name may vary on your ROM) and the libSwypeCore(versionnumber).so from /system.lib (location and name also may vary).

Be aware that if your ROM allows for uninstalling Swype, it still might leave the core library file sitting about that will create havoc with the new Swype. Make sure to remove it and reinstall if you have any problems.

At this point you should reboot your EVO, then install Swype. I had to additionally reboot again to make it work for me, but your mileage may vary.

I personally used ADB to do the install with the following commands:

adb remount
adb shell
cd /system/app
rm Swype.apk
cd /system.lib
adb reboot
adb install
adb reboot

As stated above, you can use Root Explorer, File Expert, Terminal Emulator, etc. to accomplish the same results. I just used ADB because it was significantly easier than using terminal emulator with a malfunctioning input software.

I've read that this version of Swype works correctly on the EVO 3D, and I've also read that it doesn't work at all. As I can only attest to the HTC EVO 4G, anyone with a rooted EVO 3D please feel free to comment.

You'll find the download link at the thread below.

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