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HTC begins pushing out OTA update to 2.08.651.2 for all HTC EVO 3D users today

Evo3d-ota-2.08.651.2 For anyone who hasn't already manually upgraded their HTC EVO 3D to version 2.08.651.2, HTC will begin automatically pushing out this OTA update today. Many users are reporting general performance improvements after applying this update, which also enables compatibility with HTC's official bootloader unlocking tool.

To recap, the official changelog includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Device lockscreen stuck in "half-state"
  • Ability to transfer all contacts over Bluetooth
  • Birthday one day off between contacts and Facebook when synced
  • Random GPS coordinates issue
  • Lockscreen displays 3 digit temperature correctly
  • Spiderman demo lockups
  • Making additional preloaded apps uninstallable by user
  • Update to applications: Spiderman, Watch, Qik

G&E readers have also noticed some additional changes that were not officially mentioned by Sprint or HTC.

These include:

  • Android was updated to 2.3.4, although there is still no video chat on Google Talk.
  • Swype was updated to
  • The HBOOT was updated to 1.50, which is not yet compatible with the Revolutionary unlocking tool yet.
  • The green camera problem seems to be fixed for most users.
  • Picasa Web Albums is finally syncing properly.
  • Native screenshots are now enabled by pressing the power button, quickly followed by the home button. (This is the same method that was already enabled on the EVO View 4G tablet.)
  • The ability to turn off shutter sounds in the camera app is now gone.
  • The mirror app is also missing.
  • There are miscellaneous reports of some third-party launchers no longer working properly.
  • Reader Z4ce reported that the ability to share photos from within the phone app was added, without needing to go to the gallery. (I have yet to figure this one out, though.)

At over 45MB, this is larger than many other OTA updates, but there are also quite a few updates.

So there you have it. If you haven't already updated, prepare to be notified any time now. And be sure to let us know how it's working out for you!

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